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Student Artwork

June Bugs Summer Program

Chelsea Day School

Bumblebees Toddler Group

16 - 22 months

The Summer Toddler Group is for children ages 16 through 22 months and a parent or caregiver. The goal of the group is to provide a setting where adult and child can play with age-appropriate toys in the company of other toddlers under the guidance of experienced Chelsea Day School teachers. Children develop language and communication skills and build fine and gross motor skills. Adults stay for the duration and learn positive, developmentally appropriate techniques for guidance and discipline. Skills are developed through art activities, story time, snack time, open play, singing songs, and modeling behavior of teachers as they interact with children

The Summer Toddler Group (Bumblebees) is enrolled on a first-come, first served basis. Chelsea Day School siblings are given priority. The Bumblebees is a class offered to the community and is separate from the admissions process to Chelsea Day School. For more information regarding admission to the preschool please visit the Admissions page.

We are now accepting applications for the Summer 2019 Toddler Group. This session runs for 2 ½ weeks from June 12 - June 27, 2019 from 9:30-11:00 each day. Families can register for 1-4 days each week, Monday-Thursday. Please complete your application online and mail or drop off all fees to secure spots for your child by April 22, 2019.

Bumblebees Application

If you have any questions about the Summer Toddler Group program please call 212-675-8541 or email us at summer@chelseadayschool.org.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to spending time with you and your child this Summer! .

June Bugs Summer Program

Our June Bugs Program for children 2- 6 years of age runs for 2 ½ weeks, with each day providing a balance of structured activities as well as free play to ensure every child has a valuable, rewarding and enjoyable experience. The Program is open to all children from Chelsea Day School as well as children and their families from our nearby community. The Program runs from June 12 until June 27, 2019. Please complete your application online and mail or drop off all fees to secure spots for your child by April 22, 2019.


Entering 2s

Our Ladybugs group runs for 2 ½ weeks and is open to children entering a 2s program either at Chelsea Day School or elsewhere in the fall. Chelsea Day School students have preference as they become familiar with their new environment, and while we are happy to have a grown-up stay for the morning, separation is encouraged if your child is ready.

Our Ladybugs Program is full and we're no longer accepting applications at this time.

Butterflies & Dragonflies

Entering 3s (Butterflies) & Entering 4s or Kindergarten (Dragonflies)

Our June Bugs Summer Program for children ages 3-6 runs on a week to week basis, Monday- Friday, 9am- 1pm. Children will pack lunch and eat at Chelsea Day School or picnic outside at the nearby park when possible. Activities include indoor explorations, music and movement, as well as adventures outside of Chelsea Day School when appropriate. Children in the Butterflies are entering a 3s program in the Fall and Dragonflies entering a 4s or Kindergarten program in the Fall.

Butterflies or Dragonflies Application

Thank you for your interest. We can’t wait for our Summer fun to begin! Inquiries can be addressed via email summer@chelseadayschool.org or telephone (212) 675-8541. See you soon!

Arts Alive

Student ArtworkArts Alive is an after-school program that is offered Monday through Thursday from 3pm – 4:30pm. The program is available to Chelsea Day School students in the 3’s and 4’s classes. The program operates in 6-, 7-, and 8-week sessions. Children will have a snack and play time along with the afternoon’s activity. Some activities offered include play-acting, art and nature, creative movement and cooking. A description of activities offered and sign-up forms are available. Please contact us at info@chelseadayschool.org or 212-675-8541 to request an Arts Alive Form.